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Wedding Terms & Conditions

Booking Your Wedding
All bookings require an address, full contact details and a non refundable deposit to secure the booking. The number of guests, together with the full programme and preorders must reach the hotel at least two months prior to the event. Accounts will be due for payment in advance unless otherwise agreed in writing at the time of booking. We ask that you contact your event manager to arrange an appointment no later than three months prior to the event. It is your responsibility to ensure that the hotel is kept up to date with all changes of address, contact telephone numbers and email addresses. 

Payment Terms
Your final numbers will be the amount that you are invoiced for, unless there is a written agreement with the hotel stating otherwise. Similarly, if the number of guests increases you will be charged accordingly for the difference. If the number of guests decreases after submitting your final numbers, you will not be refunded the difference. 

  • A non-refundable deposit is due at the time of booking along with a valid card stored securely onto your booking. 
  • Six months before your wedding 60% of the projected balance of the wedding is due 
  • A further payment is due three months prior to the wedding so that 90% of the projected balance is paid
  • Final payment to the sum of your final numbers is due no later than six weeks prior to the event and any additional charges added to the event must be paid no later than on the day of the event. 

If you require a proforma then you must request this in writing to your event manager allowing ten days notice. Any VAT invoices can be produced on the day of, or after, the event. 

Cheques and BACS payments must be made in good time for clearing (allow up to 14 days) and will not be accepted on departure under any circumstances. All BACS payments must be appropriately referenced to which the event manager or accounts team can advise of the reference. Any unreferenced payments may lead to a delay of payment to your account. Any credit facility accounts must not have their current account in arrears and must have the balance of the event settled within thirty days of the event.

To secure your booking a non-refundable deposit of £1,000 is due on booking. Please note that in the event of a cancellation this deposit is non refundable and non transferable. 

Any cancellation, postponement or significant changes in arrangements must be confirmed in writing. 

  • If the cancellation of the event occurs within three months of the event, the client shall be liable for 90% of the final cost of the event. 
  • If the cancellation of the event occurs within four - six months of the event, the client shall be liable for 60% of the final cost of the event. 
  • If the cancellation of the event occurs seven months or more prior to the event, the client will lose the non refundable deposit.  

Significant changes to contracted numbers and facilities will be treated in the same way as a cancellation regarding your liability; wedding insurance is strongly recommended. We reserve the right to change the room(s) reserved to smaller room(s) if numbers decrease.

We cannot be held liable for the failure of public services (water, gas, electricity etc) or for any noise or disturbance beyond our control. Our liability to you for the total of all claims arising out of your event is limited to the cost of the booking. We do not accept liability for the loss, damage or expense to any person or item caused by negligence of the client or their guests. 

Use of the Venue
We will reserve areas of the hotel for residents and other guests only and not for use of the wedding guests. The hotel may also choose to host other events alongside your own event unless you have booked exclusive use. If agreed at the time of booking, the hotel can be reserved for exclusive use. Such an arrangement shall be deemed reciprocal, and the party will use the hotel facilities for all catering and hospitality for the full period of the booking. Separate contracts and terms and conditions apply for exclusive use.

Pre-orders and Table Plans
It is essential if there is a choice of food that preorders for each guest are made along with a detailed table plan. This must reach the hotel at least six weeks prior to the wedding. We reserve the right to amend the table plan if it is deemed necessary. We will provide each guest with an individual place card detailing their preorder and any prearranged dietary requirements. Unless agreed in writing you may use your own place cards but all pre orders must be written clearly on the front. This information is key to ensure that each guest receives the correct food and is crucial for those with special diets and allergies. We will not be liable for any inaccurate information provided to us. 

Food and Drink
We reserve the right to supply all food, drink and services, with the exception of celebration cakes. Corkage may be available upon request but must be agreed in writing six months prior to the event. Specific wines chosen in advance may not be available at the time of your event as our wine list is regularly updated  but we will supply a suitable substitute of similar quality and style. The availability of soft drinks and other alcoholic beverages is subject to the day unless agreed in writing in advance. Management reserves the right to confiscate items which breach these terms but such items will be given back on departure. The exception to this rule is food and/or drink for the consumption of children aged 2 years and under. The hotel has a policy that all day and evening guests must be catered for, with the exception of children of 2 years and under. 

Allergen Information
We can advise of all allergens that are deliberate in our products. As our kitchen handles food containing flour, eggs, milk, nuts and other allergens, there is always a risk of cross-contamination so we cannot guarantee that any product is entirely free from any allergens. Guests are advised to take care before using products available in public areas; any use will be the sole responsibility of the guest. The hotel must be made aware of any guest with an allergen at least six weeks prior to the event. 

Equipment, Suppliers and Entertainment
The hotel does not accept responsibility for the client’s equipment. Materials can only be displayed on display boards, no blue tack or pins are permitted on the walls, any redecorating charges will be applied to the account. Any entertainment must be agreed by management in writing prior to the event. All visiting entertainment acts, discos, lighting, photo booths etc must produce evidence of valid public liability insurance (covering £5 million) and if applicable provide any risk assessments. All electrical equipment must have up to date PAT testing certificates. 

Set up and sound check times will be stipulated by the hotel and all suppliers must be ready before any guest can enter the function room. Each supplier must ensure that they are ensuring that their area is safe and free from any hazards. Noise levels must be adhered to during the event and management has the right to halt proceedings at any time if parameters are breached. Management also reserves the right to request volume or bass levels be turned down. All suppliers should contact the event manager at least two weeks prior to the event to liaise regarding setup. It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that all agreed external suppliers are paid for and the hotel does not accept liability for any payment.

Extra Charges
Late changes to table plans that result in reprinting, table and room decorating or secretarial and IT assistance will also result in extra charges from £25 per person per hour. Extended use of the room(s) for set up and removal of equipment, decoration etc. will be charged over and above the room hire charge. These extensions must be agreed in writing before the event, are subject to availability nearer the time and costs to be paid for in advance. A service charge may be added for all external services used or booked on behalf of the client.

Personal Belongings
Personal belongings are the responsibility of the individual and not of the hotel. We will accept no liability whatsoever for any accident, loss or damage to your property. All gifts and cards are the clients responsibility and must be collected after the wedding together with any remaining celebration cake, decorations etc. Loss or damage to any items must be reported to the Duty Manager before departure. Any items left will be stored for a maximum of 48 hours after the event, after which they will be repurposed or disposed of. 

Restricted Items
Candles with a naked flame are not permitted under any circumstance however battery powered are acceptable. Candles cannot be used as table decorations without the wick being removed. Celebration cakes may have candles but these must be supplied by the guest and they must not be sparklers, fountain candles or produce excessive smoke. Management reserves the right to decline candles they deem inappropriate. The use of smoke machines and glitter confetti is not permitted. Only biodegradable confetti is permitted. Any items that may cause offence to staff or guests are not allowed. Weapons or unidentifiable substances are not allowed under any circumstance and if it is suspected that such items have been brought onto the premises the relevant authorities will be contacted. 

Guests attending the wedding can receive a 10% discount on the accommodation rate for the night of the wedding. To receive this discount they must contact the hotel directly explaining their attendance at the wedding.

Car Parking
Vehicles are parked at the owners risk and must leave their car only for the duration of the event or while patrons of the hotel.

In order to accommodate guests with limited mobility we have disabled parking bays in our car park and each function room has ramp access. If guests require assistance, please contact us directly to discuss the requirements prior to arrival.

Ongoing improvements and Maintenance
Maintenance and improvements take place all year round and we will do our best to ensure you are not inconvenienced but regret we will not be offering any compensation if a facility is unavailable. 

The hotel has a civil ceremony licence, full liquor licence and holds a public entertainment licence. To avoid the disturbance of other guests, evening entertainment shall finish by 11pm. All live bands must be approved by the event manager prior to booking and must finish by 11pm. We reserve the right for the music to be reduced to an acceptable level if complaints are made about excessive noise. Last orders at the bar are called half an hour before the end of the event. 

Client Responsibility
The client is responsible for any damage caused by their guests to any of the hotel property, including theft and water damage and shall be charged the sum required to make good or remedy such damage. Guests should not be rude, excessive and rowdy. Any offensive or illegal behaviour will not be tolerated. Consideration must be shown to other guests and staff. We reserve the right to recover from the person making the booking any discretionary compensation payment or discount we may have to pay to other guests as a result of your actions, or that of any member within your party. 
Threatening and offensive behaviour may result in the hotel cancelling the event with all accommodation, if we feel, at our sole discretion, that you or members of your party have infringed any of these conditions. All accounts will be due in full, no refunds will be given and the party will be asked to leave the premises. Prior to the event the hotel reserves the right to stipulate if private security must attend the event, and this charge will be passed onto the client. 

Validity of Prices
Prices are correct at the time of publication but may change without notice, with the exception of confirmed bookings. Please note that online advertised ‘package’ rates are based on a minimum of 50 adult day guests and 100 evening guests. Online terms and conditions supersede any printed collateral. E&OE.

Final Statement
We reserve the right to refuse any booking.

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