30th May 2022

How to be a Conscious Tourist

What can you do as a Tourist to help protect North Devon?

There’s no doubt we’re all guilty of going into holiday mode as soon as we depart on our holidays. That’s not to say going into holiday mode is a bad thing, we encourage the carefree spirit that takes over, from the urge to explore the great outdoors, and the need to experience the culture to developing the tourist appetite wanting to eat anything and everything in sight, we just encourage you to think twice. 

Embrace being a tourist whilst also making a conscious choice when it comes to how you treat the local area during your stay. We’ve put together a list of things to take into consideration during your stay…

Let’s talk renting:
When visiting North Devon, wanting to spend time exploring award-winning beaches and dazzling coastlines is second nature. But did you know 14,000 polystyrene bodyboards are being abandoned each year on beaches in the South West alone, creating unnecessary waste? Instead of purchasing single-use bodyboards which you’ll likely leave behind, why not seek out the many locations throughout North Devon that hire out sustainable and long-lasting wooden bodyboards? Many places even hire these out for free!  

Embrace the great outdoors:
Discover the breathtaking landscapes all around North Devon, from South West Coast paths to National Trust landmarks, your visit helps to sustain and maintain these routes for locals and visitors alike. Remember to tread lightly and follow the walking routes provided, making your own route can cause harm to wildlife and nature. 

Beach Cleans:
Next time you’re enjoying North Devon's stunning coastline, why not do a #2minutebeachclean and help pick up litter that scatters our gorgeous beaches. And remember although beaches make the perfect backdrop for a BBQ and Picnic, to leave the beach how you find it by taking your rubbish with you or disposing of it in a nearby bin as far too often the tide tidies up after you, disposing of your rubbish into our ocean.

Reuse & Refill:
Next time you’re after a cup of joe, come prepared with a reusable cup or water bottle so you don’t have to buy or dispose of plastic bottles or cups whilst you’re out and about. Plus, many local shops give customers discounts for bringing their own reusable cups, so not only are you helping to save the planet, but you’ll also save yourself some pennies. 

Switch it off:
Whether it’s leaving your TV on standby, switching off lights before you go out or unplugging unused phone chargers, it all makes a difference!

Take the message home:
Our planet is under increasing pressure from all sorts of interlinking factors. Be it sewage pollution, plastic pollution or climate change. Any actions you take in North Devon can also be useful when you’re at home or holidaying anywhere in the world, after all, we are one and there’s only one planet.

Plastic Free North Devon

Did you know we’ve teamed up with Plastic Free North Devon to try and protect our coast and countryside from plastic pollution? Why not download their visitor guide below to find out how you can help aid their mission?

Download the Visitor Campaign. 

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