25th September 2018

Goodbye plastic straws

Here at The Barnstaple Hotel, and across all of our sister sites at Brend, we are currently taking a number of steps to increase how we help the environment in as many ways as possible.

Our most recent move is to ensure that there are no more plastic straws used in our hotel. Instead, we will offer compostable straws made from plants, not plastic, as provided by visionary packaging brand Vegware. This is a small part of the bigger plans to reduce and stop single use plastic. If we don't need to use it, we won't.

As our regular guests may already be aware, we have solar panels installed here at the Barnstaple Hotel which reduces our day time use. Then there’s our Environmental Action Plan, unique to our hotel, which is constantly reviewed and updated to make sure our staff are doing all they can to help our cause.

But that’s not all - visit the Brend Hotels website for an insight into everything that’s happening within our company to reduce our environmental impact...