24th August 2019

Clovelly Gig Regatta 2019

Gig Rowing at Clovelly has become very popular recently, especially at Clovelly where, during the Gig Regatta, the best teams from Devon go head to head in a fun but intense day of competition. 

For those who have not been to Clovelly before, the private village in North Devon is a must visit due to the fact that visitors step back in time and experience another world. There is truly only one way to experience this cobbled, cliff tumbling, car-free village, and that's by wandering down the streets yourself to take in the views and history. 

After paying the normal admission prices, visitors on the 24th August 2019 will get to cheers on the brave Gig crews as well.

Gig racing is exciting and strenuous, with crews reaching speeds of 9 knots in North Devon’s powerful tidal waters. You’re assured an exhilarating day’s racing. 

Visit the Clovelly Regatta event page for a further history of Gig racing in the South West and to learn more about a day out at one of North Devon's best attractions.